RHCNA - Rooyat-e-Hilal Committee of North America


Moon Sighting Announcement from RHCNA

RHCNA announces moon's visibility in North America every month on this page as soon as moon sighting has been reported and authenticated.

Announcement for Muharram 1436 Hijri (2014):

Moon for the month of Muarram has not been sighted anywhere in Americas. Therefore, all scholars under the banner of RHCNA have agreed to announce that October 25th is 30th of ZilHijjah 1435 Hijri and 1st of Muarram 1436 Hijri will be on October 26th 2014 in USA.

However, if there will be a change in this announcement due to any future moon sighting Shahadat we receive, we will update this page immediately. We request you to keep checking this web page next few days to be well informed.

May Allah Subhanahu wata’la give this month the source of happiness and success for the entire Muslim Ummah. Aameen.

Chairman RHCNA,
Mohammed Qamarul Hasan

October 24th, 2014.